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There is a great need in the US Lajna to have clothing which fits the need of our professional women and younger generation. Their active lifestyles require updated, stylish and easy care Islamic attire. More variety of outerwear, longer tunic tops, shalwar/pant suits and scarves in fabrics that complement different seasons. Even though there is some availability in the department stores and online, yet affordability and variety is the main problem. If we can provide quality items at a reasonable cost, I am sure it will be a big help to our sisters.

All these ideas can only be accomplished with your help and participation. I would like the local presidents to help me identify such members who would be willing to work towards this objective. We would like to start a database of those Majalis whose members would be interested in making the above mentioned items on a large scale. A reasonable amount of profit can be added to the labor and cost of the item which will then be reimbursed to the members. A youth oriented booth can be organized at the time of the annual convention as well. Once the presidents know the needs of their Majlis, they can direct the local secretaries to create a customize program accordingly. Encourage your members to design styles that our younger Lajna and Nasirat would enjoy wearing.


National San'at-o-Dastakari Department