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Five Thousand Mujahdeen

Tehrik-e-Jadid and Sacrifices of Our Elders

November 1934 to October 1953

     Under Divine guidance in 1934, Hadhrat Musleh Maud, Khalifatul Masih IIra introduced a scheme called "Tehrik-e-Jadid" (New Scheme). The primary purpose of this scheme is to open new missons and construct mosques around the world.

In his November 5th 2004 Friday Sermon, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba said:

In light of a discourse by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh , Huzuraba urged the families of the five thousand individuals who made immense sacrifices in the first year of the scheme to continue to pay on their behalf and to never let their ‘accounts’ close.

Huzuraba explained that Allah has subsequently greatly endowed these families and it should be fairly easy for them to continue to pay on behalf of their elders. Huzuraba said Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh had reinstated 3,400 such accounts but some have since fallen behind. He urged families to pay directly to Rabwah so that a record can be maintained.

Huzuraba also said that Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh had taken personal responsibility of 1000 old accounts at the rate of Rupees 5 each, and had pledged that his family would continue the tradition. Huzuraba directed that he was given details of the remainder unclaimed ‘old accounts’ and that he would take responsibility of these and hoped that in future his family is enabled to carry it on.


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