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Importance of The Holy Qur'an

Importance of The Holy Qur'an


"Verily, the recitation of the Qur’an at dawn is especially acceptable to God.”  [17:79]


Promised Messiah (as):

I call to witness that the Holy Qur’an is a rare pearl. Its outside is light and its inside is light and its above is light and its below is light and there is light in every word of it. It is a spiritual garden whose clustered fruits are within easy reach and through which streams flow. Every fruit of good fortune is found in it and every torch is lit from it. Its light has penetrated to my heart and I could not have acquired it by any other means. If there had been no Qur’an I would have found no delight in life. Its beauty exceeds that of a hundred thousand Josephs. I incline towards it with a great inclination and drink it into my heart. It has nurtured me as an embryo is nurtured and it has a wonderful effect on my heart. Its beauty draws me away from my soul. It has been disclosed to me in a vision that the garden of holiness is irrigated by the water of the Qur’an, which is a surging ocean of the water of life. He who drinks from it, comes to life and brings others to life
          (Ruhani Khazain (London, 1984), Vol.5, p 545-546)


Friday Sermon: 9/4/09 - The Glorious Qur’an:

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