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Khidmat-e Khalq Activities


Bronx Lajna and Nasirat Food Drive | Feeding the Hungry

Bronx Lajna and Nasirat held a canned and dry Food Drive. They donated pasta, beans, cookies, cereals and other dry/ canned food valued at $300.00. During December 2011and January 2012 they collected about 500 items. They packed the food and then delivered it to the Soup Kitchen, Parts of the Solution (POTS), which is located at 2763 Webster Avenue- Bronx, NY 10458. [Read more]

Boston Lajna | Khidmate Khalq Report – Serving the homeless

On Sunday 29th January 2012 as a Khidmate Khalq initiative, Lajna Ima’illah Boston hosted a community meal at the Boston Rescue Mission Soup Kitchen, a non-profit homeless and rehabilitation shelter. Five Christian men and women founded the center in 1899, who decided to dedicate their lives to helping the poor and homeless of inner city Boston. [Read more]

Report on Food Pantry at Al-Nasr Mosque, Willingboro, New Jersey

A casual stroll one weekend evening into a Panera Bread restaurant laid the foundation of a Food Pantry at Willingboro’s Al Nasr Mosque in New Jersey.
Looking at the menu displays to make a choice of order we noticed a small sign that said that all products were made fresh daily and all leftovers at the end of the day were donated to feed the children.
[Read more]

Detroit Lajna - “ Muslims For Life” Campaign Report

The Detroit Chapter President called for the auxiliaries to volunteer to support 10 planned events to collect blood with the American Red Cross. The Lajna was especially acknowledged by the organizing committee and Detroit President Dr. Mansoor Qureshi Sahib for contributing the largest group of volunteers consistently across all blood drive locations. [Read more]

Willingboro Lajna - Blood Drive Report

Five Lajna members helped man the front lobby booth and register walk in donors. Our Regional Missionary and Naib Amir Azhar Haneef Sahib spent greater part of the evening with our volunteers. The blood drive started at 12:30 pm and ended at 7:30 pm. A total of 31 units of blood were collected. [Read more]

November 2011 Khidmate Khalq activities of Orlando, FL Majlis

Operation Diabetes: As a co-chair for this project, one member provided thorough training to volunteers of the clinical aspects of screening for diabetes in preparation for the ‘Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes’ event at the University of South Florida. Her group provided free glucose screening, information about the signs and symptoms of diabetes, and provided a ‘Diabetes Risk Screening Test’ to everyone. Approximately 157 walkers were screened [Read more]

Tulsa | Muslims for Life: Blood Drive 2011 Report

Al-Islam Student Association at the University of Arkansas was created after 9/11. Each year we do something to remember and honor the event. Last year we organized an interfaith gathering where people of all backgrounds and religions came together to share their stories. This year, we partnered with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks to host a Blood Drive on September 6, 7, and 8, and also extended to the 12 because we had so many people sign up. [Read more

Kansas City | Muslims for Life Blood Drive – brings many blessings:

During the month of September, the U.S Jama’at initiated the “Muslims for Life” blood drive campaign across numerous cities throughout America.  The Kansas City Jama’at was blessed to organize four independent blood drives, one in partnership with the UMKC, one independently held in Emporia, one in Kansas City at a local Montessori school, and the last in collaboration with the local blood centers, which ran through the whole month of September. The results of these blood drives were enormous and overwhelming for a very small Jama’at like Kansas City.  [Read more]

Lajna Albany - NY  Khidmate Khalq Activities

On October 1st our lajna joined forces with Sandwich Brigade to help our neighbors who were devestated by the flood. A total of 150 households were delivered boxed lunches. Some indian/Pakistani food was also prepared and delivered. Please see the media coverage below.

Radio coverage:  
TV coverage: 
Channel 13 WNYT 
CBS 6 TV coverage 
News in print CBS 6 1:30 seconds  time

Lajna Orlando - FL Khidmate Khalq Activities

Alhamdullilah! Along with our regular donations of money inside and outside the Jama’at, non-perishable food to the homeless and providing help and support to fellow majlis members as needed, one of our members was able to give her time and skills as follows:

  • One member organized a "Script Your Future" Campaign event at Sarasota Senior Friendship Centre in which she provided Senior Citizens with tools and resources to use in order to adhere to their medications.  [Read more]


Lajna Ima’Illah Oshkosh actively participated in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Muslim for Life campaign and partnered with First Congregational Church in Oshkosh, our long time interfaith partner, to provide the venue for a blood drive on September 7th 2011. The American Red Cross agreed to provide blood collection services. [Read more]


On Friday, August 26th 2011 Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh hosted a women’s only Aftar dinner open to community. The following preparations were made ahead of time for the Aftar event:

  • Invitations were created and distributed to our growing contact list.

  • A registration booth was set up to allow guests to sign up and add their information for our contact list. [Read more]

Mosque in Chino, California - Muslims Host Blood Drive in Remembrance of 9/11

A nationwide Muslim campaign honors the victims of 9/11 and tries to promote Islamic ideals about the sanctity of human life.
The 10th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 is not only a day of remembrance for the Muslim congregation of the Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino, California, it was also a day of giving.

“We started this effort in response to what happened to our country some 10 years ago. The idea was, how can we commemorate those lives that we lost? We decided we would launch the idea that for the 3,000 lives that were lost we want to pay back by collecting blood to save 30,000 lives,” said [Read more]



Sponsored and served Lunch to 80 seniors at Hepburn Center's Senior Services Center. An introduction to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was given. One Lajna member did a presentation on 'Why do Muslims Fast?' Nasirat also helped in serving the lunch. The Lunch was sponsored through  'Broward Meals and Wheels'. Dessert was prepared by two Lajna members.' Zarda' (sweet Rice) was throroughly enjoyed by the seniors. Lajna and Nasirat chatted and socialized with the Seniors during the lunch. It was a unique experience and Miami Lajna [lans to continue the tradition in the future. Hepburn Center is a non-profit Community Center in the city of Hallandale Beach. 


Continuing the tradition of 'Feed the Hungry' in the month of Ramadhan, dinner was sponsored at our adopted shelter Broward Outreach Center. 100 lbs rice and 90 lbs meatballs were delivered prior to the Dinner and later Lajna, Nasirat and Atfal served dinner to approx 120 people. They helped in the cleaning up effort- washed dishes and cleared/cleaned dininng tables.

A breif report with a photo slideshow has been posted on Miami Jamaat's website at 


Blood Drives are scheduled at three locations in South Florida. Lajna members are actively involved in spreading word and distributing brochures. Met local Vice Mayor who is also a Pastor at a local Church and he will be distributing flyers at his congregation. Flyers wer also given to the Office Manager at Hallandale High School. Met local Fire chief, City Manager, South Florida Sun Times president, commissioner, legislative assistant of local state rep -Joe Gibbons (FL-105) and detailed them about the campaign. They have all agreed to support the blood drives and spread the word about it.

Miami Rescue Mission- parent organization of BOC has agreed to advertize the campaign on their websites and will also be airing a radio interview (Sep 4 on WIOD 610 AM) on their weekly program 'Mission Possible' with Dr Taha Shaikh- Sec Ummore Amma, who was given an opportunity to talk about the Muslims for Life campaign in detail, in addition to reiterating Miami Jamaat's efforts to serve humanity in partnership with BOC.


CROP Hunger Walk
Chicago West Lajna

It was a pleasant but windy day. All the participants gathered outside the church. The organizers were happy to see our chapter there. There were 14 other churches from the area participating for this walk. The organizers handed us map routes as there were two routes for the participants to take. One was longer route of 6 miles, the other shorter route of 2 miles. We decided to take two mile route according to our strength and ability. The walk started on time and we followed other participants. [Read more]


Women from diverse walks of life and ethnic backgrounds were recruited by the Khidmat-e-Khalq secretary

On Saturday, March 19, 2011 the Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted the second Women’s History Day program “Celebrating Women in our Community; Past and Present”. Women from diverse walks of life and ethnic backgrounds were recruited by the Khidmat-e-Khalq secretary.

[Read more]

Welcome Dinner
Hosted by Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh


In celebration of the new mosque acquired the by Oshkosh Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by the grace of Allah, and to acknowledge the tremendous support received by the majority of the community, Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh hosted a ladies only social dinner event on April 1st, 2011. We received a very positive response from the community as invitations were sent out to our contacts and beyond.. [Read more]

GA / SC - Waqar-e Amal

After Waqar-e-amal, our Mosque was looking newer and cleaner as ever! We moved the big cabinet that was inside the children’s room to the kitchen. That sure made a dif-ference! Also, we built a rack to hang our coats in the kids room where the big cabinet used to be. Other then that, we vacuumed, mopped, washed, and soon after that our Mosque was shining! :) [Read more]


Miami Rescue Mission recently awarded a plaque to Lajna Imaillah Miami for its voluteering/donations during the 2010 Holiday Season.

The award presented by Miami Rescue Mission is a tribute to ALL the members of Miami Lajna who have contributed generously towards their adopted shelter, Broward Outreach Center (a Division of Miami Recue Mission). This could not have been possible without everyone pitching in with utter dedication, humility and extreme generosity.  [Read more]

 Lajna Imaillah sponsors Christmas Wishlist at Broward Outreach Center

Holiday fever is in the year! It is that time of the year where millions of people are engaged in gift exchanges with their loved ones. However, there are some for whom the holiday season is marked with a sense of emptiness and as they lack the resources to engage in such gift exchanges [Read more]

Ramadan Service Project Report

Submitted by National Khidmat-e-Khalq Secretary Dr. Kishwar Tahir

By the grace of Allah, Lajna Imaillah USA has been actively providing social services to the communities around us by volunteering at adopted shelters. Thus far, 57 shelters have been adopted by various chapters, and many chapters have been providing weekly services at these shelters either by serving food or working in their soup kitchen, or by donating non-perishable and canned foods. This year, once again, the chapters made a special effort to feed the hungry on a weekly basis during the month of Ramadan in order to promote the message of Islam and the importance of feeding the poor and the orphaned. Alhumdolillah, some chapters have done an exceptional job and have involved the local media in covering the events. Some of the chapter highlights are as follows:

Cypress-Houston – My Khidmat-e-Khalq secretary and I have been working for the Feed the Hungry Program in Ramadan. We have contacted all of our sisters in our chapter to participate in the program. We have also provided a list of the requested items.

[Read more]