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Meena Bazar

South Region Meena Bazar, Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Regional Meena Bazar was held to give Majalis an opportunity to have a variety of wares like food, clothing, jewelry, henna and other health related services/tips.
There were two kinds of fundraising:

By Majalis
By Vendors [

Hosted by Chicago East Majlis on May 14th, 2016

By the grace of Allah, the West Midwest Region held their Annual Regional Meena Bazaar & Health Fair at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) Center in Chicago, Illinois. The program was scheduled from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with registration/breakfast starting at 9:00 AM. The day was filled with exciting activities, such as a Meena Bazaar, presentations on health related topics by Lajna members and professional guest speakers, a cardio class held by a fitness trainer, and dessert competition by Lajna and Nasirat. ... [Read more]


 Meena Bazaar (Seattle, Wa) 2015

Seattle's annual Meena Bazaar, held on November 8th at our new mosque Bait-ul-Ehsaan, was a great success, Alhamdolillah. Mashallah, 115 people attended it and we raised $3,239. These funds will be going towards Lajna hall, Kidmat-e-Khalq and local handicrafts. [Read more]



Oshkosh Lajna

Local farmer’s market Stalls

This year again Oshkosh Lajna held three stalls at the localfarmer's market for Henna application, where we raised close to $700, for different Jama’at ongoing schemes...[Read more]  

Beautification of the Qamar Mosque

Oshkosh Lajna worked on the outside of the mosque, cleaning, clearing out weeds, pruning the bushes, planting new bushes and potting planters for the front of the mosque... [Read more]

Meena bazaar, Oshkosh

Oshkosh Lajna held a meena bazaar fund raiser alongside a tabligh Aftaar event, the turn out was  good, we had close to 50 people in attendance... [Read more]

West Midwest Regional Meena Bazaar & Health Seminar

By the grace of Allah, the West Midwest Region held a Regional Meena Bazaar/Health Seminar event at the Grandwood Park District in Gurnee, Illinois on Sunday, May 11th 2014. The program included many wonderful activities, including a Meena Bazaar to fundraise for the Lajna Hall scheme, health presentations, an AWSA poster session, and a fun dessert competition...[Read more]

Special Khidmate Khalq/Handicraft Report:

Philadelphia Lajna Shares in Thanksgiving Spirit
November 2013

Philadelphia Lajna came together at one of their meetings in November to fill and nicely decorate Thanksgiving baskets for those less fortunate. This was really a group activity.  Our Handicraft Secretary purchased cardboard boxes and wrapping & construction paper.  The Lajna put the boxes together and filled the baskets with food that members donated.  Our Nasirat helped by decorating the baskets! ...[Read more]

VA-Central Lajna and Nasirat Meena Bazaar

In June 2013, VA Central Lajna & Nasirat held first Meena bazaar at their newly built mosque, Masjid Mubarak. Central Regional Sadr, Naseerah Bhatti Sahiba officially opened the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony, silent prayer and opening remarks. 

Lajna members had several stalls such as new household items, clothes and food items such as chaat papri, samosas, naan-Kabab, Pizza, gulab Jamun, sabz Chai and cold drinks... [Read more]

Oshkosh - Handicraft report 

1-Lajna took a field trip to the local arts and crafts fair.

 2-Items for lajna Tarbiyyat camp 2013:

Lajna members created a few gift items for the camp attendees

Notebooks, pens and small pouches. Decorative duct tape was used on the pens. All note books were made by hand using decorative scrap book paper,copy paper and duct tape. Printed felt was used to make small pouches...[Read more]


Lajna Dallas held a meena bazaar!

Dallas Lajna held their second annual Meena Bazaar on June 1st 2013. We had a wonderful turned out! We again had a wonderful mouth watering menu, thanks to all generous Lajna members who cooked and donated the food. The aroma of chappli kebabs, seekh kebabs, aloo chana chaat, samosa, roasted chicken, and haleem filled the halls of our masjid, making everyone's mouth water. .. [
Read more]


Lajna Dallas held a meena bazaar on Jan 29th 2012, it was a great success, with over 80 Lajna & 15 Nasirat members attending this event we raised $1550.00!  Everyone worked hard to prepare for this event; members made phone calls asking for donations, sent out reminder emails, and cooked wonderful food to be sold.

We had hot with just the right spices haleem, sizzling kebabs, aloo kebabs, savory chicken roast, fresh naan, aloo chart with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, hot steaming chicken corn soup, perfect for the cold day!  And the best part dessert -  we had gulab jamin, homemade vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, and  light fluffy vanilla pineapple cake with just the right touch of sweetness.   Our handicraft secretary hand crocheted hair bands, hair clips, and hair scrungies, which were also donated.  We had stalls for jewelry and shawaar kameez,  which were very successful in selling.

During the Meena Bazaar there were other activities to enjoy. The children played carnival games such as ring toss, knock the cups down, toss the balls into the cups, and pin the nose on the clown.  We had face painting, and henna application.  Prizes of candies were given out to those who played the carnival games.  Lajna and Nasirat all had a wonderful time shopping, eating, playing, and socializing, and if weren't for their participation and for the volunteers who helped this  event wouldn't have been such a success!

Requesting your prayers. JazakAllah


Amtul Rahim Shaikh
Sadr Lajna Imaillah Dallas Tx