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A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor, guide, advisor, or teacher. Someone you look up to as a role model and as the best person you wish to be like when you get older. Someone who has already been through and dealt with what you are now having difficulty dealing with. Someone who has already achieved what you hope to achieve someday.


We Ahmadi Muslims are lucky that Islam’s history as well as Ahmadiyyat history has many such role models and mentors form all walks of life whose personal examples can show us the way when our life gets too difficult or confusing. These role models include the Holy Prophetsaw and his wivesra, the Promised Messiahas and his wifera, and all our Khulfa-e Massih and their wives. It is not necessary to pick just one favorite mentor, we can use examples from all their lives whenever they fit into a similar situation that we are facing.


In addition to these mentors are daily life role models such as your mother, your grandmother, your older sister, or any older Nasirat or Lajnat that you admire. We would like to hear from you about who your mentor or mentors are? Your article could be published on our Nasiratul Ahmadiyya pages.


 Who are your mentors? 


  • Is it the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw)?

  • Is it the Promised Messiah (as)?

  • Is it Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (aba)?

  • Is it your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, or friends?

  • Is it all of the above?

 Write about your mentors and submit for publication at Nasiratul Ahmadiyya pages.