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Salät is the Muslim form of formal worship. Muslims offer Salät five times a day. This page helps you learn how to offer Salät. Various parts of salät are given below. Click the name of the part to go there. Below is a list of offerings from this page.

A formal Prayer consists of units. One unit is a rak'ah and more than one units are raka'ät. A formal Islamic Prayer is 2, 3 or 4 raka'ät depending on the time of Prayer and the kind of Prayer.

There are two sajdahs in each rak'ah. Qa'da is performed in every second rak'ah and the last rak'ah. Only tashahhud is recited in a sitting (Qa'da) which is not the last one.


Learning Salät:

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02. Adhän
03. Iqämah
04. Niyyah
05. Qiyäm

07. Sajdah
08. Qa'dah
10. Post-Prayer Dhikr
11. Du'ä Qunüt