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Share Your Talent



By the grace of Allah, our Nasirat have many talents. We encourage you to send your presentations, artwork to share with others. 

NOTE:  It can be anything that you have created yourself. (i.e. presentations, art & crafts, paintings,  puzzles, word search, etc.)


Special Khidmate Khalq/Handicraft Report:

Philadelphia Lajna Shares in Thanksgiving Spirit

November 2013

Philadelphia Lajna came together at one of their meetings in November to fill and nicely decorate Thanksgiving baskets for those less fortunate. This was really a group activity.  Our Handicraft Secretary purchased cardboard boxes and wrapping & construction paper.  The Lajna put the boxes together and filled the baskets with food that members donated.  Our Nasirat helped by decorating the baskets! ...[Read more]

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