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Dear Respected Presidents, 

‎Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullahe WaBarakatuh,

Earlier this year we received directive from Wakalat Tabshir that per the instructions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih (ayyatadahullaho ta'ala bin asrihil aziz), an International Rishta Nata Committee has been formed to collect data from different countries and then to provide suitable matches across countries.  On instruction of Tabshir, we are humbly reminding the members who are struggling to find the matches or interested in proposals from abroad to please register with Please note the following important instructions:


1.  Any member of the US Jama'at who wishes to consider candidates outside the US (either willing to move abroad or consider a rishta willing to move to the US) should register at both and

2.  Candidates currently registered in the US Rishta Nata database who wish to consider international candidates should also register at and Rishta Nata USA will also facilitate this process. 

3.  Those members of the US Jama'at who do not want to consider international rishtas but are ready to register with Rishta Nata USA have only signed up at as per usual. 

Process after Registering with Rishta Nata Markaz:

  • Once the application is submitted successfully, the applicant is informed with an acknowledgement email that his/her application has been received. 

  • Then, verification of the applicant is sought from the relative country.

  • Once the applicant is verified, our Committee members find a suitable match keeping in view the requirements of the applicants and other criteria such as education, height, family background etc.

  • Upon finding a match, both applicants (whose match is made) are assigned to one of our International Rishta Nata Committee members to provide details to each other and liaise between them. Once both agree to go ahead with the proposal, contact information of each other is shared between them so that both families can speak to each other and make decision on their own.

  • Once Rishta is settled, we will delete their details with us except applicants’ names and fathers’ names.   

  • If the proposal is declined by any of the applicants we change the Rishta Status of both applicants from “In Progress” to “Seeking” and the committee tries to find another match.

  • If any candidate has any questions or wants to update the information he/she can directly email

This information should be shared broadly. 



National Rishta Nata Department USA

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