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San'at-o-Dastakari (Handicraft) Department



The objective of this department, as described in the Constitution of the Lajna Ima'illah, is to make arrangements to hold exhibitions of handicrafts. The primary purpose of these exhibitions is to make Ahmadi ladies skillful, and also to create a cottage industry to help needy sisters. One of the main objectives of this department is to help Ahmadi ladies acquire skills making items of interest for Lajna and Nasirat. These can then be sold at Jamaat gatherings providing a useful service to buyers and sellers. This could create a cottage industry, which can be a useful tool in helping provide extra income for those sisters who may need it. 


What's New In San'at-o-Dastakari

Jalsa Salana, 2018 San'at-o-Dastakari Exhibition

Below are the results of the competitions:

1. Sewing

First Place

Baby Quilt- New Jersey Central

Velour Coat-  Inland Empire California 

 Second Place                   

Set of 4 mats, LA West California


Honorable Mention

Girl's dress with rosettes   Central VA
Rust/green ladies outfit      South  VA


  White and Maroon Outfit with hand embroidery - Queens, NY

2. Crochet/Knitting

 First Place

Long crochet coat - South VA


 Pink/sea green baby blanket - Dallas TX




Second Place

White tote bag with multicolor accents - Central VA


Yellow/turquoise baby set with booties - Laurel MD

Honorable Mention 

Pink baby set - New Orleans LA

Teacosie with pearls  - Inland Empire CA 



 3. Embroidery

First Place
Cross stitch teddy bear -  Inland Empire CA


Second Place

Miniature Embroidery set of 4 - Silver Spring MD

Large wall hanging - Central VA

Honorable Mention

Dupatta with pink/blue border - Central NJ

Set of 4 napkins-  South VA

4. Handicraft

First Place

Minaratul Masih with classroom setting  - South VA

Calligraphy white/silver plate - Houston TX

Second Place

Copper Wall Art - Central VA

Seashell Art mirror - Silver Spring MD


Honorable Mention

Earing/bracelet set - Oshkosh WI

Gold painted goblets - York/Harrisburg PA

Set of Candles - Dallas TX

5, Paintings

First Place

Girl Flower Princess painting - Orlando FL

Noah's Ark painting - Queens NY

Second Place

3D embellished painting - South VA


Recycled shirt painting - Long Island NY

Honorable Mention

Al-Basir painting - Silver Spring MD

Monochromatic Asma-e- Husna painting - Laurel MD