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We are pleased!

Scholarship and Talent Award

         Application for Financial Educational Assistance, AMC, USA
[Including Talent- based scholarship, need-based educational loan] 


We are pleased to welcome you for the 2011 scholarship season. A limited number of scholarships/loans are available to support college education for Ahmadi students of US.

The goals of this scholarship are:

  • To recognize educational talent amongst Ahmadi students
  • To encourage and promote the pursuit of education among Ahmadi youth, especially those who perceive it to be prohibitively expensive
  • To ensure that no Ahmadi is kept from achieving his/her laudable educational and career goals due to financial hardship
  • To encourage Ahmadi youth to pursue more challenging educational endeavors that they would otherwise not consider due to financial constraints.

Kindly send the completed application for educational assistance through the local President or Regional Missionary, along with the required documents to:
Secretary Scholarship Committee, Bait-ur-Rahman, 15000 Good Hope Road, Silver Springs, MD 20905.

All inquiries are to be directed via email to:



Ahmadiyya College Scholarship Application 2011

Talent Award Application 2011