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Tabligh Activities - 2012


January 2012.

Boston Lajna Majlis held an exhibition of the Holy Qur'an at the Canton Public Library.

The exhibition included the following:

  • Display of Holy Qurans in various foreign languages

  •   Displayed personal decorative items with Quranic verses

  •   Displayed Islamic books and media.

  • Displayed three presentation boards with the themes: [Read more 


Interfaith event held at Norcross mosque Jan. 14

NORCROSS -- Women's Auxiliary of Ahmadiyya Muslim community's Georgia chapter is holding an interfaith speakers event at the Baitul Baqi Mosque ... [Read more]

Source: Gwinnett daily post


Lajna Georgia's First Interfaith Gathering - Summary Report

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, GA/SC Lajna members held their first Interfaith Gathering on January 14th 2012.  Presentations were made by invited speakers representing four different faiths, as indicated below:

Judaism:  Arlene YisraelaShirah, Temple Hebrew Benevolent Congregation

Christianity:  Caroline Kelly, Associate Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church

Hindu: SeemaJani, Chinmaya Mission, Atlanta

Islam: BushraQamar, Tabligh Secretary, GA / SC Lajna [Read more]


Lajna Ima’illah Boston attend Sunday service at the
 First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church

As part of an on-going tabligh series in the Boston Chapter, members of Lajna Ima’illah and Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya attended a Sunday service at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Canton,
Massachusetts on Sunday the 3rd December 2012.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community received a very warm welcome from Pastor Beverly Boke in her welcome address in which she said: “I want to offer a very warm welcome to our neighbors and friends who have joined us today from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I have invited them as part of an on-going dialogue to promote understanding and develop greater bonds as fellow passengers on this journey of life.”... [Read more]


Dallsa Texas - Lajna Tabligh Activites

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Dallas chapter was recognized at the 8th annual Unity Day USA service at Unity Church in Dallas, Texas on September 11th 2012. About 100 people gathered to remember the lives lost on 9/11 and to symbolize the importance of tolerance for all faiths and backgrounds. The Unity Day USA service honored two communities this year - the Sikh faith in the aftermath of massacre in Wisconsin and also the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and their Muslims for Life campaign, whose goal is to collect donations of 11,000 units of blood as a September 11th remembrance. In the words of the Unity Day event coordinator, Mr. Mike Ghouse, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was honored “for their work towards building a cohesive America.” [Read more]

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Dallsa Texas - Muslims Promote Peace On 9-11 Anniversary

“I pray for my family- my parents, my children-that they will live a life that is free from any hatred,” Mahood explained. Mahmood dresses in the traditional black hijab which covers her head and a long, loose fitting dress called an abaya. She studies the teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad. But unlike most traditional Muslims, Mahmood belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which also believes a Messiah came to reinforce Islam’s message of peace. [Read more]


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Boston Chapter
Hosts Interfaith Dinner during Ramadhan.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Boston Chapter hosted an auspicious Ramadan interfaith dinner, on August 17 2012, inviting civic and religious leadership. The event was attended by over 150 guests that came from Sharon/Canton Police Department, Fire Department, American Red Cross, multiple Christian churches and trusts, Hindus Sikhs and Muslim organizations. Attendees of the event applauded the effort by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, whose guiding principle is "Love for All Hatred for None", to gather leading communities of the greater Boston area... [Read more]



Sharing Ramadan and Fasting By Albany, NY Majlis


Sharing Feast, Fasting Traditions, and Forging new Friendships

Fasting—abstaining from food, and water, or certain kinds of foods – for a period of time, is a common form of worship in the Abrahamic tradition. Fasts are often related to holy days in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast; refraining from drinking and eating from dawn until dusk. Remembering God, and His Blessings more often. [Read more]


  Report on Holy Books Exhibition By Lajna LA East  

Lajna LA East hosted an Inter-Faith Exhibition of Holy Books in June 2012 at the Bait ul Hameed Mosque. Highlights of the event are given below:

Faiths Represented and who displayed their Holy Books/Literature:

1.      Unity Church of Truth Pomona
2.      Jewish Temple Ami Shalon
3.      Chinmaya Hindu Mission
4.      Vedic Hindu Temple
5.      Sikh Gurdwara/Temple
6.      Ahmadiyyat/Islam [Read more]
Indiawest: Ahmadiyya Mosque in Chino Hosts Interfaith Exhibition of Holy Scriptures [Read more]