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April - June, 2012

Lajna Ima'Illah - USA Taleem Program
April – June, 2012  

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  Click to memorize: Sura Al-Kahf



Holy Qur'an:  Nazira, translation & short commentary of Verses 250 through 258 of Surah Al Baqarah 



Ahadith: Translation & Commentary of Hadith # 18 - 20 from Forty Gems of beauty.

English: [Download here : pdf]
Urdu: [
Download here : pdf]



Book of Promised Messiahas : Read 2-3 pages from Message of Peace

General Knowledge: Local Majlis choice (select one module)

Module 1: Islamic Guidelines for Family Responsibilities
Module 2: Book Reading – Encourage Youth
Module 3: Researched Based Speeches/Presentations on Religious Knowledge
Module 4: Special Projects
Module 4: Special Projects


2. Salat: The Salat Program should be continued from previous quarters. Secretary Taleem should continue working with those members who do not know Salat with translation.

Translation & Transliteration of Salat

Learn Salat

Book of Promised Messiahas : How to be Free from Sin

English: pdf

Urdu: pdf