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April - June, 2013

Lajna Ima'Illah - USA Taleem Program
April - June, 2013


Al Nur – The Light

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  Click to download: Sura Al-Imran



Holy Qur'an:  Nazira, translation and short commentary of Surah Al-Imran Verses 1-10

Please note that the English version of the book Life of MuhammadSAW is available on but the Urdu version, "Nabbiyon ka Sardaar" is not available. You may have this book in your homes. The book is part of Deebacha Tafseer ul Quran which is made available for download below. The "Nabbiyon ka Sardaar" section starts from page 103 of the book.

Salat: Niyyah, Takbir, split word translation with commentary for deeper understanding.


Guiding notes for the Urdu Workbook's Holy Qur'an questions of first quarter

General Knowledge: Read pages 12-63 from the book Life of Muhammadsaw, to answer Workbook questions.


Memorization: Prayer from Al-Imran verse 9
Special Activity: Hold a special program on Ramadhan in June or July on the importance of this month including revision of prayers.
Books of Promised Messiahas :[Download here]