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October - December, 2011

Tarbiyat Program

October- November-December 2011

Love of Allah through Devotion to Sacrifice


Tarbiyat Goal:  Strive against worldly influences to attain nearness to Allah

Sermon:  Striving in the Way of Allah – Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba, 9/03/2010 

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Discussions/workshops: Discussions/workshops:  Objective of life; Examples of striving from Life of the Holy Prophetsaw ; Financial sacrifice; Sacrifices made to maintain marriage and family values; Sacrifice of one’s ego; Giving up non-Islamic customs. 

Expectations:  Lajna should improve in humbleness, kind behavior to each other, overlooking others’ faults, improve marital relations.


Special Directive

Address to Lajna Imaillah at Ijtema, Germany 09/17/2011

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As a special directive for this quarter, please ask every member to listen to this address and to discuss it in a Lajna meeting.  Ask some of your members to give a presentation on the important guidelines given by Huzuraba. This directive will take the place of the compulsory question (Question 1, page 127) for this quarter.  Please use the last part of Question 1 on page 127 of the workbook to discuss the Germany address:
 “What are the goals an Ahmadi Muslim woman must strive for in her daily life?” 

  (The remaining questions on page 127 can be done on the assigned sermon “Striving in the way of Allah”, 9/03/2010, in the usual way.)