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Tehrik-e-Jadid Day

 Month Of APRIL


Tehrik-e-Jadid Day

Please hold a Tehrik-e-Jadid Day during the month of April. This may be held as a separate event or as part of a scheduled meeting. The purpose of this event is to inform Lajnat and Nasirat about the history, importance and achievements of this blessed scheme and to increase participation.


Suggested Activities for Lajna:


  • Presentations on Tehrik-e-Jadid Scheme ,  purpose, history, achievements etc.
  • Workshop or discussion on “The Nineteen demands of Tehrik-e-Jadid”. 
  • Discuss   how  they may be implemented today.
  • Give out a survey to see which Daftars your members belong to; find out if any family members belong to Daftar Awwal.
  • Share any memorable experiences connected to Tehrik-e-Jadid sacrifices, especially senior members.

  • Collect pledges and chanda from Lajna and Nasirat.


Suggested Activities for Nasirat:


  • Older Nasirat can do presentations on importance and benefits of joining Tehrik-e-Jadid scheme.
  • Younger Nasirat can do research and presentations on mosques which were built during each Daftar.