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DOs & DON'Ts

DO’S and don’ts
For Tehrike Jadid Secretaries


  • DO begin taking pledges at the very start the new Tehrike Jadid year. 
  • Do encourage every Lajna, Nasirat, and children less than seven years to participate in their own name and get a receipt, even if pledge is very small. 
  • Do get a Tehrike Jadid receipt book from Jamaat Sadr so you can give receipts, and send collected money to Jamaat Tehrike Jadid Secretary. 
  • Do use every Lajna meeting, event etc. to remind sisters to pay pledges throughout year to avoid rush at end of year. 
  • Do encourage sisters to pay in Ramadhan for extra blessings and be included in list sent to Huzur(aba). 
  • Do plan and conduct Tehrike Jadid Day to educate and motivate sisters about Tehrike Jadid. 
  • Do remind and encourage incorporation of Tehrike Jadid Demands in daily life. 
  • Do send reports on time. 
  • Do use Form A for pledge, semiannual and annual report. 
  • Do fill in every box on report form, even if no change from previous report.  If some information is unavailable, write N/A. 
  • Do check totals before sending report. 
  • Do keep hard copies of all reports. 
  • Do make sure your local Sadr approves report before sending. 
  • Do list the names of all inactive members, with a brief description of what was done to reach them. 
  • Do keep Form B updated for your own records. 
  • Do report Tehrike Jadid Day activity in ‘other’ section of monthly report and on Form A with your annual report. 
  • Do call or email National Tehrike Jadid Secretary for any information or questions. 


  • Don’t use previous versions of Form A. Use Form A which is sent with reminder. 
  • Don’t send Form B to National Secretary. 
  • Don’t pledge or pay on behalf of inactive members. 
  • Don’t pledge or pay on behalf of active members who cannot pay. 
  • Don’t disclose inactive status to anyone, except the member and your Sadr.  
  • [Download here:pdf