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The Promised Messiahas said:

  " Rejoice and be happy that the field of achieving nearness to God is vacant. Every nation is in love with the world and to what pleases God the world pays no attention. Now is the time for those who wish to enter this door that they, mustering all their strength, show their mettle and win the much coveted prize from God. Don't think that God will let you go to waste. You are the seed which the Hand of God has sown in the earth. God says that this seed will grow and flower and its branches will spread in all directions and it will become a huge tree. So, blessed is one who believes in what God says and does not fear the trials which he suffers in His path."


 The booklet Al-Wassiyyat (The Will), written by Promised Messiahas, in 1905, gives the glad tidings of the second manifestation of Divine grace in the form of Khilafat and details the institution of the grand scheme of making a testamentary disposition for the cause of Islam and the establishment of a graveyard named as the Bahishti Maqbara. This is the basis of the blessed movement of moosies in Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

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