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Lajna Activities (Ages 15-25)


(Ages 15 - 25)


Congratulations to all the majalis and regions that worked hard to coordinate Lajna activities (Ages 15-25). Mashallah, many camps and activities were held during the year throughout the U.S. Regions and local majaalis worked hard to implement the national camp program and to create bonding and involvement among local youth.

4th Annual Lajna Ima’illah Regional Youth Camp West Midwest, 2012
“Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”

The fourth annual West Midwest Regional Lajna Imaillah Youth Camp took place from Saturday, April 21st to Sunday April 22nd, 2012 at the Zion Mission House in the historical city of Zion, Illinois. The theme of this year’s Regional Youth Camp was “Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”. The total attendance was 28 young Lajna present from Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Chicago West, Chicago East, and Zion... [Read more]


Report on Central Region Youth Day July 16, 2011.


Assalamo Alaikum,

Central Region Youth Day was held July 16, 2011 at Baitur Rahman Mosque. 48 youth attended the event. The following is a break down of events from the day:

 9:00 am to 10:00 am: Sign in and Breakfast.

 10:30am to 12:30: Talawat—verses from Holy Quran were recited on requirements of Purdah.

                               Welcome—girls were welcomed by National Youth Secretary. They introduced themselves and were asked what they like or disliked about the recent U.S. Jalsa. There was a resounding preference for the men’s speeches over the ladies’ program and good comments on the organization and function of the Jalsa. Some girls had attended the Canadian Jalsa and had a few negative comments about their experience. [Read more]


The following Majaalis have reported the youth activities. Jazakallah for your excellent work!
Keep it up.

In response to Global Youth Service Day (April 24-25):

BROOKLYN: April 24--Youth held a bake sale outside of the mosque to raise funds for Humanity First’s Sponsor a Well/Water For Humanity Program. All proceeds were donated to Humanity First.

POTOMAC: April 24—One youth cleaned up garbage and litter in the woods and roadside in her neighborhood.

Other youth activities:

PHILADELPHIA: January 23, 2010-- Philadelphia Lajna held a Career Day for older Nasirat (12 years & up) and youth (under 25 yr old).  Willlingboro young Lajna also helped out in planning and participating in the event. 23 youth attended. Presentations were given from college students on Pharmacy, Business, Graphic Design, Math/Finance, Education, Dentistry, Pre-Med, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Journalism, Optometry & Law.  The presentations covered "Why I chose my major, What I like about my major, What challenges I find in my major, What jobs I can pursue with my major, What high school classes prepared me for my major, etc."  After the presentations, 6 groups were set up (Pharmacy, Business/Accounting/Graphic Design, Math & Finance/Biomedical Engineering/Research, Education/Nursing, Medicine, and Journalism/Law).  Girls rotated to each group and had 10 minutes to ask question and get more information. A workshop on Modesty was also held, which contained many references to Huzur's August 23, 2008 speech to Germany Lajna.  The workshop was followed by a fun activity and jump rope competition. Youth also had a private question and answer session with Sadr Sahiba.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE: Youth have given power point book presentations, movie nights, workshops, Khidmate Khalq feeding the homeless, and volunteering at a food pantry.

LAUREL: April 3, 2010—A one day youth and nasirat camp was held. Activities included an icebreaker activity, a several part workshop on ‘a passion for service’, sports and handicrafts.

BALTIMORE: April 10, 2010—7 youth attended. Activities included bowling, lunch and a documentary on the life of the Holy Prophet (saw).

UPSTATE NORTHEAST:  April 17,  7 youth took a field trip to the Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfield, Massachusetts where they learned the history of making candles and made some of their own

Summary Report of Lajna Youth Camp 2011-Oshkosh Wisconsin, West Midwest Region

By the grace of Allah, the regional youth camp was made a success through hard work and devotion of the Lajna members. The mosque was beautified with plants, posters and Youth Camp fliers. Arrival and registration began at 9 A.M. on Saturday with members coming in from Zion, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Various fun ice-breaking games were played where the girls introduced themselves and shared interesting facts about their lives, followed by an invigorating round of “Nazm Chairs”.



They were given souvenir diaries prepared by Oshkosh Youth. The Youth Camp theme was “Love of Allah through Devotion to His Jama’at”. Three very engaging workshops were conducted on Friday.[Read more]



Alhamdolillah, South Regional Youth Camp turned out to be a very special opportunity not only for youth but also for everyone who was involved helping out in variety of ways.

By the Grace & Mercy of Allah all Items on Agenda for Friday, Saturday & Sunday were completed making an effort to understand  "How can we truly follow Allah's Commandments".

Jazak Allah to all youth for preparing & presenting assigned activities & grown ups to help them prepare. 
[Read more


Proud to Be An Ahmadi

MNE Regional Ijtema, Youth Report

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baitul Hadi Mosque, Old Bridge, NJ

Youth Coordinator: Aliya Latif CNJ                      

Attendees: 40 young lajna members

Assisting Coordinators: Wajeeha Choudhry - Philadelphia, Madeeha - Willingboro, Homa Chaudhry - Philadelphia, Aisha Arshed - Central New Jersey, Wajiha Shah - Lehigh Valley

The day began with 2 icebreakers (Spotlight and Name Game) 
 [Read more]


Northeast Region Youth Camp:
April 11-12
Humor workshop; crafts; miniature golf; workshop on bridging the culture gap; film-“Muhammad-Legacy of a Prophet”.

Upstate Northeast Youth Camp:
April 17-19
28 youth attended.
Memorization of two short duas; five separate prayers and Tahajjud and Dars; ice breaker game; jeopardy quiz; beadwork craft activity; field trip to the Susan B. Anthony House to learn about the history of women’s rights in America; guest speaker on domestic violence; one on one Salat testing; designing of posters on “My Role As an Ahmadi Girl”; mehndi and manicures; second craft activity on painting glass.

Camp Unity-Detroit:
May 1- May 3
24 youth and Nasirat attended.
Sadr Sahiba’s meeting with youth; hygiene discussion; volunteering at local food bank; participation in walk-a-thon for hunger; crafts; workshop on internet dangers; skits on truthfulness and sacrifice; powerpoint and workshop on choosing the right spouse; film; volleyball.

West Midwest Region Youth Camp:
May 9
25 youth attended
Ice breaker; film-“Muhammad-Legacy of a Prophet”; documentary by St.Paul Jamaat called “Mall of America”; discussion on future goals; jeopardy game; presentation on purdah.

Seattle Youth Camp:
May 29,30
8 youth attended
Film; ice cream outing; discussion; participation in symposium on the Latter Days.

VA-Central Khilafat Day:

May 31
5 youth organized and assisted Nasirat event and gave presentations on Khilafat.

Pittsburgh Youth Day:
July 19
Address from Sr. Aliyya Shaheed

Download Here: A Message To Our Youth From Sister Aliyya Shaheed

VA-South Youth Camp:
August 11,12
10 youth attended
Islamic trivia game; workshop-“You Know You’re an Ahmadi When…”; pillow question game; peer pressure discussion; slide show; purdah presentation; handicrafts.

St. Louis Youth Day:
August 15
Roller skating; swimming; bar-b-que; film.

Potomac Youth Volunteering:

7 youth prepared and served dinner at local soup kitchen during the month of Ramadan; two youth were photographed for the local newspaper.

South West Region Youth Camp:
October 2-4
42 girls attended from 5 chapters
Workshop on modesty and peer pressure; hijabi fashion show; talent contest; field trip to an observatory; workshop on the role of youth in the Jama'at.