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San'at-o-Dastakari (Handicraft) Department



The objective of this department, as described in the Constitution of the Lajna Ima'illah, is to make arrangements to hold exhibitions of handicrafts. The primary purpose of these exhibitions is to make Ahmadi ladies skillful, and also to create a cottage industry to help needy sisters. One of the main objectives of this department is to help Ahmadi ladies acquire skills making items of interest for Lajna and Nasirat. These can then be sold at Jamaat gatherings providing a useful service to buyers and sellers. This could create a cottage industry, which can be a useful tool in helping provide extra income for those sisters who may need it. 


What's New In San'at-o-Dastakari

Jalsa Salana USA 2019 - San'at-o-Dastakari Exhibition Awards

There were 5 categories for this competition.
1. Painting
2. Sewing
3. Knitting and Crochet
4. Handicraft ( in general)
5. Embroidery

Below are the results of the competitions:

1st place: CVA ( central Virginia Majlis)
The Skecth of Bai'at with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(
may Allah be his helper)


 2nd place: (there were two paintings that came in 2nd place)
Fitchburg, MA
( red/orange calligraphy)

Georgia,SC ( gold/black calligraphy) 


3rd place:Orlando, Fl ( painting of a room) 

1st place:

Central Jersey, NJ ( purple quilt)
Silicon Valley, CA ( white Burqha)

2nd place:

Forth Worth, TX ( table mattes and coaster set)
Forth Worth, TX ( pink and grey bag)

3rd place:
Brooklyn, NY ( orange/black three piece shalwar kameez suite)

1st place:
1. Oshkosh, WI ( knitted house) - ( no picture available)
2. Huston North, TX ( black and silver knitted bag)

2nd place:
1.Long Island, NY ( knitted grey vest)
2.Central Virginia, VA ( full size crochet blanket)

3rd place:
Silver spring, MD ( purple and white baby set)

1st place:
1. South Virginia, VA ( white and red pillows)
2. Silver spring, MD ( cushion covers)

2nd place:
1. Brooklyn Staten Island, NY ( mosque build with beads)
2. Oshkosh, WI ( set of 3 mirrors)

3rd place:
Fitchburg, MI ( beaded fruit basket)

1st place:

Queens, NY ( peacock cushion)

2nd place:

Miami, Fl ( embroidered Tiger)

3rd place:

Phoenix, Az ( cross stitched framed art work)