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South Midwest Region


South Midwest Region of Lajna Ima'illah USA consists of five Local Majalis. By the grace of Allah South Midwest Region playes an active role to host many Jama'at / Lajna National, Regional and Local events.

Individual efforts, events and highlights of the Majalis will be posted on this page.

The Region consists of the following Majalis

1. MO.St. Louis 2. OK-Tulsa
3. Kansas 4. AL/TN
5. KY-Kentucky  6.  

What's New In The Region? 



Read and enjoy MW Ijtema 2014  Report!


 Kansas - Lajna and Nasirat First Semi Regional Ijtema

Meeting the Messiah(AS)

Alhamolillah, here in Kansas City, the Lajna and Nasirat held their first semi-regional Ijtema on Sunday, May 25th 2014. We were also honored by the presence of our sisters in faith from St.Louis Jamaat. Altogether we had an attendance of 40 members, counting all Lajna, Nasirat, and children under seven, MashAllah [Read more]


Three Day Local Ijtema Tennessee/Alabama Chapter

Lajna and Nasirat, March 21st-March 23rd 2014

Meeting the Messiah

A very special Lajna and Nasirat three day event was celebrated from March 21st – March 23rd. Almost 90% of the Nasirat and Lajna participated in this very energetic and informative event...[Read more]

Blood Drive Report Lajna Kansas City, KS – 2013

Alhamdolillah, this year once again our Lajna Kansas City was able to serve our community in an efficient manner by especially organizing and participating in the MFL.
The Muslims for Life campaign has brought a lot of attention to our very small group for the past two years now and, mashallah, this year we were also able to get a very positive and enthusiastic response from the community. We had four different blood drives all over the area, during the months of September through November...[Read more]

Food donations given by Kentucky Majlis

Letter of appreciation: We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your generous act of compassion. Your recent contribution of 99 food items is greatly appreciated. Bethany House relies on

the support of the community in order to be able to provide services...[Read more]


The Kentucky Jamaat, in cooperation with Somerset Community College, co-sponsored an Interfaith Conference on August 30, 2012 on the topic of World Peace.  The event was organized by a joint effort between Lajna and the Jamaat, with the Lajna making use of its many connections to invite people.  The guest speakers presented many interesting speeches and overall, the event was Alhamdolillah, successful.


Afterwards, the audience and speakers visited the Qur'an exhibition and literature table. Several Qur'an with various translations were on display.  Next to the Qur'an table was a table full of free literature and literature for sale, providing books upon the fundamentals of Islam. At least 20 people picked up a piece of free literature and one additional Qur'an was purchased. Over 50 people visited the Qur'an exhibition table... [Read more]


Presentation given at the Mid West Ijtema by Kansas Lajna

How does Islam define women’s roles against our cultural backdrop [Download here]

The notes to go with this Powerpoint: [Download here]

The presenter of this Powerpoint should use the notes that accompany the slides.


Blood Drive Report - Fayetteville, AR 2012

The 2012 Annual “Muslims for Life” Blood Drive was held here in Fayetteville, AR on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of September. Like last year, we worked with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO) and we could not have carried this out without them. Al-Islam Students Association was proud to have hosted the blood drive in honor of 9/11 for the second year in a row.  [Read more] 

Midwest Lajna/Nasirat Ijtema 2012

The Midwest Ijtema on CHOOSE ISLAM WHEN CULTURE DISAGREES” took place at Bait-ul-Jaamay Mosque in Glen Ellyn, IL, on September 14th to 16th. Respected National Sadr Lajna Ima’illah USA, Saliha Malik, presided over the event with five National officers and all three Regional Sadran. The Overall attendance was very good with and 205 members on Friday, 355 on Saturday, and 283 on Sunday. Alhamdolillah, 16 Majalis from all Midwest regions participated, East Midwest, South Midwest, and West Midwest. It was a great succsees! [
Read more]

Kansas Jama'at hosted an Exhibition of the Holy Qur'an

Nila Ahmad's radio interview: [Download here | mp3]


The Kansas City Jamaat hosted an “Exhibition of the Holy Quran” on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Emporia Public Library.  The Jamaat worked with the Director of Adult Services at the library to arrange an afternoon of conversation and enlightenment, which revealed the true teachings of the Holy Quran...[Read more


Tulsa Muslims for Life: Blood Drive 2011 Report

Al-Islam Student Association at the University of Arkansas was created after 9/11. Each year we do something to remember and honor the event. Last year we organized an interfaith gathering where people of all backgrounds and religions came together to share their stories. This year, we partnered with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks to host a Blood Drive on September 6, 7, and 8, and also extended to the 12 because we had so many people sign up. [
Read more


Kansas City Muslims for Life Blood Drive – brings many blessings:

During the month of September, the U.S Jama’at initiated the “Muslims for Life” blood drive campaign across numerous cities throughout America.  The Kansas City Jama’at was blessed to organize four independent blood drives, one in partnership with the UMKC, one independently held in Emporia, one in Kansas City at a local Montessori school, and the last in collaboration with the local blood centers, which ran through the whole month of September. The results of these blood drives were enormous and overwhelming for a very small Jama’at like Kansas City.  [Read more]


Kansas Jamaat hosted a Tabligh event @

On Friday, April 15th, the Kansas City Jamaat hosted a tabligh event at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS.   We set up a table in the middle of campus, in front of the ESU Union building.  We displayed a ‘Muslims for Peace’ banner as well as many various pieces of literature, ranging from the Holy Quran to Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge, and Truth to Introduction to Ahmadiyyat.  Along with the literature, we set out two brochures for people to take: Muslims for Loyalty and Muslims for Peace.


Though the weather was cold, Allah blessed us right away with visitors to the table.  We had many students and professors come to see why we were there and ask us questions. We introduced ourselves to everyone who came and explained the Jamaat’s mission to peace.  The response to our message was very positive and in addition to taking the fliers, people went on to pick up several of the books and booklets.  Women were particularly interested in the ‘Women in Islam’ booklets.  Many of those who were interested in our message seemed to have had previous exposure to Islam and were eager to learn more about our beautiful religion.  Allhamdolillah, we were fortunate to have a very good response to our message and hopefully, this will be just the first event of many to come.


Alhamdolillah! LMC Concluded Successfully.

The conference served as platform for collective learning, working towards common goals and enhancement of sisterhood.



Midwest Ijtema was held on June 25th-27th 2010-Milwaukee WI

“Islamic institution of Marriage and its sanctity”

Alhamdolillah our Midwest Ijtema was a success. Members from all over the Midwest participated in this blessed event. Approximately 300 members were in attendance to say prayers in congregation, increase sisterhood, share thoughts, learn Islamic point of view on marriage and to Increase our love for Allah. Mashallah we had 6 National office holders attending the event with 2 Regional Sadran welcoming them.  [

Read more]


South Midwest First Regional Event!

On the weekend of April 30, members from the South Midwest region came together in St. Louis for their very first regional event.  Our region was honored to have Sadr Sahiba come especially to meet the members from this area.  Members came from as far as Kentucky and Kansas to join with their sisters in St. Louis for two days of reflection, games, and companionship. 

The event started on Friday with Juma prayer, followed by an informal session of reciting nazms.  Sisters Ayesha and Sumrah made a spirited attempt to teach the rest of the sisters so that we could join in with their singing, but many of us proved to be tone deaf.  By the end of this first session, members had jumped up to parade in an impromptu march past, reliving the spirit from when march pasts were performed in Lajna functions in Rabwah, Pakistan. [Read more]