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Taleem (Education) Department

“Rabbe Zidni Ilma” (O My Lord! Increase me in my Knowledge)

"The quest for knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim from cradle to grave" said the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammadsaw.


The Taleem department facilitates a continuous learning process for all Lajna by providing guidance, material and an infrastructure. The primary focus is to educate Lajna on fundamentals of our religion as well as the contemporary issues to help them become a good ambassador of Islam in the society.


What's New In Taleem

The Six Shawal Fasts:

When to observe the six Shawal fasts?

Many times members do ask about when to observe the six Shawal fasts.

Our Beloved Huzoor (aba) has given giuidance during one of the Waqifat-e Nau Classes:

' In response to a question  - when to observe Shawal fasts- Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said: The month of Shawal falls after the month of Ramadan, therefore it is important to observe the six fasts of Shawal. It is not necessary though that these fasts must be observed right after the Eid, and can be observed on any day during the month of Shawal. And any fasts missed during the Ramdhan can be observed anytime during the year.'  (Alfazl, 7/4/2008)



Online Taleem Tests

Both English and Urdu versions are made available online. Please make sure that the test is taken in one sitting. Lajna should take the test when they could set aside at least two hours for the test.

It i
s an open book test. Deadline to take the test is May 20, 2021. The link will be closed afterwards.

Click on the link below to take an online test (Quick/Easy)

Hard Copies

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Please find the National Taleem syllabus Key:April 2021


Friday Sermon July 14, 2017 "Desire for children and their proper upbringing" 

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Dr Amtul Rehman Ahmad

 serving as

National Taleem Secretary Lajna Ima’illah USA


 From Taleem Dept.: Reap the blessings from the of prayers of Istighfaar and Istakhara. The meaning and it’s application have been posted on our website for everyone’s benefit. 

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