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West Midwest Region

Our mission is to create a unified region that has a warm and welcoming environment and is willing to work together for a common purpose, therefore having a significant increase in productivity and encouraging to become truthful with ourselves and also with others.

West Midwest Region of Lajna Ima'illah USA consists of three Local Majalis. Individual efforts, events and highlights of the Majalis will be posted on this page.

The Region consists of the following Majalis: 

1. IL-Chicago 2. Iowa
3.  IL-Zion    

What's New In The Region?

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 Seerat-un-Nabi Interfaith Jalsa, Zion

“Prophet Muhammadsaw, a Model of Peace for Women”

The Zion Lajna hosted a Seerat-un-Nabi Jalsa at the Zion Mosque on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Alhamdulillah, 50 women attended the program including 16 non-Ahmadi guests, 27 Lajna’at, and 7 Nasirat. A Catholic nun and congregation member from the Presbyterian Church presented on the topic of peace from their perspective and how it is very relevant in the current situation.... [Read more

“Feed the Hungry”

Zion Majlis

In Partnership with Humanity First USA

On Saturday, March 26, 2016 Zion Lajna hosted a mobile pantry free food distribution event at the Zion Mission House at 2103 Gabriel Avenue, Zion, Illinois in partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  The food give-away was sponsored by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Zion in partnership and funding provided by Humanity First, U.S.A.

In preparation, an event flyer was sent through email and text messages to individuals and community organizations that Lajna has developed ongoing relationships with, including the Zion Township and A Safe Place. ... [Read more]

Family Wellness Conference

On September 26, 2015 Lajna Imaillah of Milwaukee majilis hosted their first annual wellness  conference in partnership with Hephatha Lutheran Church. Fifteen Lajna members and 27 guests were present at the event. The event was sponsored by several organizations including local banks, a parenting network, interfaith organizations, health-based companies, etc. ... [Read more]


Camp Bismillah 2015 was held at the Zion Mission House from Wednesday, July 22nd through Friday, July 24th and concluded with a family picnic on Saturday, July 25th. There was also a food give away on Saturday for the community in collaboration with The Illinois Food Bank, making for a very busy day.

The camp was attended by 34 campers. This number includes 25 community girls and 9 Ahmadi girls. Of the 19 volunteers, 14 were Lajna and 5 Community Volunteers. The theme and continued focus of the camp was “Positive Attitude, Service & Success”. A lot of different activities were conducted by the community and local volunteers. ...[Read more]

Masala Chai

Benefits of Masala Chai

Masala tea is a concoction of various Indian spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger and pepper.

The spices we use in the Masala Chai are known in Ayurveda to have many health benefits, especially relating to the digestive system, like stimulating the appetite, reducing gas, and counteracting stomach acidity.[Read more]

Oshkosh Lajna

Local farmer’s market Stalls

This year again Oshkosh Lajna held three stalls at the local farmer's market for Henna application, where we raised close to $700, for different Jama’at ongoing schemes...[Read more]  

Read and enjoy MW Ijtema 2014  Report!  

Beautification of the Qamar Mosque

Oshkosh Lajna worked on the outside of the mosque, cleaning, clearing out weeds, pruning the bushes, planting new bushes and potting planters for the front of the mosque... [Read more]


Meena bazaar, Oshkosh

Oshkosh Lajna held a meena bazaar fund raiser alongside a tabligh Aftaar event, the turn out was  good, we had close to 50 people in attendance... [Read more]


Lajna Oshkosh hosted its annual ladies only iftar 

Ramadan Event Report 

LajnaIma’illah Oshkosh hosted its annual ladies only iftar on Friday, July 25th 2014.

 Invitations and Attendance:

Ramadan event flyers were distributed to Lajna contact list, as well as to personal contacts of individual lajna members. By Grace of Allah, we had about 27-30 guests attend the event... [Read more]. 

Every Mother Kit Drive
Khidmat-e-Khalq Project by Chicago NW Lajna

Every Mother Counts is an organization located in New York, that focuses on maternal health in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. This organization helps expectant moms with clean supplies needed for safe delivery and post-delivery times. ..[Read more]

 West Midwest Regional Meena Bazaar & Health Seminar

By the grace of Allah, the West Midwest Region held a Regional Meena Bazaar/Health Seminar event at the Grandwood Park District in Gurnee, Illinois on Sunday, May 11th 2014. The program included many wonderful activities, including a Meena Bazaar to fundraise for the Lajna Hall scheme, health presentations, an AWSA poster session, and a fun dessert competition...[Read more]


Lajna Oshkosh Sihat-e-Jismani Picnic May 2014


Lajna Ima’illah held a Sihat-e-Jismani Picnic on May 18 at Menominee Park and Zoo, Oshkosh. The goal was to encourage Lajna to spend more time outdoors during the summer. Every member brought food or beverages including the Nasirat. First, we had our monthly meeting, followed by a 30 minute walk around the park by Lake Winnebago. After the refreshing walk, we enjoyed a hearty lunch of pakoras, sandwiches, bean salad, samosas, corn on the cob, quiche and kashmiri tea etc...[Read more]


Chicago Northwest - Women’s Interfaith Event!

On March 2nd, 2014, Chicago Northwest Lajna Auxiliary held an interfaith event for Women’s History Month at Masjid Baitul Jamaay. The Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for advocating education for girls...[Read more]


Chicago Northwest - Nasirat

The Chicago Northwest Nasirat has began monthly Yoga classes as a part of their Sihat-e-Jismani activities. On Saturday, February 16th, the first Yoga class was held.[Read more]

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 Oshkosh Lajna Blood Drive 2014

January is the national Blood Donor month.  Lajna Ima’ illah Oshkosh organized a blood drive with the help of Red Cross on 24th January 2014. Preparations started in advance distributing fliers to community members, contacting local schools. Information of the blood drive was put in community calendars. A letter to the editor was also written and published in the newspaper appealing to the community to support the drive. 7 Lajna members and a nasira helped the Red Cross staff in set up, helping at the registration desk, in the canteen area and then helping the staff in wrapping up the drive. Despite the cold weather we were able to collect 11 pints of blood, which can save about 33 lives, Mashallah.  Snacks and Pizza was served to donors.


November 30, 2013

On November 30, 2013, a field trip for the Nasirat of the Chicago Northwest Majlis was organized. The basis of the trip was to visit the home of Dr. John Alexander Dowie in Zion, Illinois. Additionally, the Nasirat were also able to view numerous other landmarks in Zion that pertained to the time period of Dowie...  [Read more]


Lajna Milwaukee Summer Events 2013

Lajna had a little fun during our local Sports Day on June 23rd.  Games were played such as volleyball, a memory game, basketball, and a three legged race to name a few.  We had an exercise program where Lajna and Nasirat did a NIA workout.  Later we finished with a pot luck lunch and socialization...[Read more]


 Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh Annual Iftar 2013
At Oshkosh we make an effort to invite our community especially during the Ramadan to promote understanding of our traditions and values. This year too, Lajna Oshkosh hosted a ladies only interfaith Iftar on Friday August 2nd at Qamar Mosque of Oshkosh...[
Read more]


Camp Bismillah held at Zion Mosque: Wednesday August 21st through Friday August 23rd and concluding with a family picnic on Saturday August 24th.

Total campers and volunteers:

The camp was attended by 23 campers: 15 Community girls and 8 Ahmadi girls (3 were visiting from Canada). There were a total of 19 Volunteers: 14 Lajna, 1 Pre-Atfal (4 yr. old accompanied by a camp coordinator), 4 community volunteers and there were 4 khuddam for security. The focus of the camp was Friendship. Throughout the camp the girls were given activities and projects that emphasized building friendships and learning how to make good choices...[Read more]


Oshkosh - Handicraft report 

1-Lajna took a field trip to the local arts and crafts fair.

 2-Items for lajna Tarbiyyat camp 2013:

Lajna members created a few gift items for the camp attendees

Notebooks, pens and small pouches. Decorative duct tape was used on the pens. All note books were made by hand using decorative scrap book paper,copy paper and duct tape. Printed felt was used to make small pouches...[Read more]


Khidmat-e-Khalq activity at the Lajna Camp Ages 15-25 years

 (West Midwest Region)

The West Midwest region held its Lajna ages 15-25 Camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on June 1st and June 2nd, 2013. MashAllah the camp was a great success!

On both Saturday and Sunday the Lajna members were able to give back to the Oshkosh community by volunteering at local organizations. [Readmore]


Oshkosh Community Garden

In June 2012, Lajna Ima'illah Oshkosh adopted a flowerbed at a local community garden. The garden was initiated as a volunteer effort by three college students in an underprivileged neighborhood. A City grant covered the initial setup costs and in return the local community had free access to grow their own food albeit through organic and natural practices. The watering system was also eco-friendly as the garden had access to barreled rain water. Lajna members helped build the wooden flowerbeds with the garden managers and donated young plants for the vegetable patch.

The potted plants included tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini squashes, egg plants, green chillies and various herbs. Despite a very busy summer with Jalsa preparations and guests from overseas, members took turns in the maintenance and watering of the plants. Since it was a very dry Summer, the rain barrels were usually empty, so members made the extra effort to bring gallons of water from home.

By the grace of Allah, the Oshkosh Lajna Ima'illah worked hard to share this collaborative experience and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh and healthy produce each week.

 “Summary Report-Faith groups Working hand and hand”
Zion Lajna Ima’illah-USA

"And they feed, for the love of Him, the poor, the orphan and the prisoner; Assuring them: 'We feed you to win Allah's pleasure only.  We desire no reward, nor thanks from you'." - The Holy Quran, 76:9-10
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Feed the hungry, visit the sick and set free the captives." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Hadith 552
Over the course of approximately two years of building a strong, loving relationship with a group of ladies at Wildwood Presbyterian Church located in Grayslake, Illinois, the Women’s auxiliary of Zion Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Lajna) was invited to participate in their Food Pantry distribution which took place in the parking lot of the church on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  The air was cool, but the sun was shining and reflecting the spirits and smiles of the volunteers. [Read more]

Midwest Lajna/Nasirat Ijtema 2012

The Midwest Ijtema on CHOOSE ISLAM WHEN CULTURE DISAGREES” took place at Bait-ul-Jaamay Mosque in Glen Ellyn, IL, on September 14th to 16th. Respected National Sadr Lajna Ima’illah USA, Saliha Malik, presided over the event with five National officers and all three Regional Sadran. The Overall attendance was very good with and 205 members on Friday, 355 on Saturday, and 283 on Sunday. Alhamdolillah, 16 Majalis from all Midwest regions participated, East Midwest, South Midwest, and West Midwest. It was a great succsees! [Read more]

2012 Oshkosh Nasirat Local Ijtema

About Oshkosh Nasirat:

Oshkosh, WI is a small majlis with only four Nasirat. First local ijtema was held on August 4th, 2012. All four Nasirat along with 20 lajna attended the ijtema.

Ijtema Preparation & Program:

Ijtema Syllabus was shared with Nasirat as well their parents well in advance. Five different competitions were included in the program.[Read more]


Camp Bismillah 2012

Camp Bismillah was held at the Zion Mission House/Mosque on 2012 July 11, 12, and 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and July 14, (Saturday) from 12:00 p.m. to 3: 00 p.m.
Lajna members right after their return from the US Jalsa Salana demonstrated their lajna pledge (I affirm that I shall be ready to sacrifice my life, property, time and children for the cause of my faith and the community…) by moving into immediate action; reviewing the plans for Camp Bismillah, taking time off work, household matters and school assignments, making purchases, contacting volunteers, cleaning and setting-up the mission house. [Read more]



 4th Annual Lajna Ima’illah Regional Youth Camp West Midwest, 2012
“Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”

The fourth annual West Midwest Regional Lajna Imaillah Youth Camp took place from Saturday, April 21st to Sunday April 22nd, 2012 at the Zion Mission House in the historical city of Zion, Illinois. The theme of this year’s Regional Youth Camp was “Choose Islam When Culture Disagrees”. The total attendance was 28 young Lajna present from Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Chicago West, Chicago East, and Zion... [Read more]




On Friday, August 26th 2011 Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh hosted a women’s only Aftar dinner open to community. The following preparations were made ahead of time for the Aftar event:

  • Invitations were created and distributed to our growing contact list.
  • A registration booth was set up to allow guests to sign up and add their information for our contact list.
  • Informational packets were prepared to be handed out to guests. These packets included Muslims for peace and loyalty flyers, Lajna Oshkosh and President. Oshkosh contact business cards, and informational brochures on Islam, Ahmadiyyat, Jihad etc.


A very successful and intellectually stimulating gathering was organized by Lajna Imaillah Chicago West at Bait-ul-Jamay Mosque on May 15, 2011 (Alhamdullilah). 17 guests, including a news reporter from a Glen Ellyn news-paper attended the propitious event. Our guests belonged to several different Churches and Synagogues. The entire session was very well organized and our guests appreciated the arrangements and settings for a peaceful conversation. Light refreshments including sandwiches, snacks, coffee etc. were served after the event. The session lasted for two hours. [Read more]


CROP Hunger Walk
Chicago West Lajna

It was a pleasant but windy day. All the participants gathered outside the church. The organizers were happy to see our chapter there. There were 14 other churches from the area participating for this walk. The organizers handed us map routes as there were two routes for the participants to take. One was longer route of 6 miles, the other shorter route of 2 miles. We decided to take two mile route according to our strength and ability. The walk started on time and we followed other participants. [Read more]


The second Women’s History Day program “Celebrating Women in our Community; Past and Present”
Zion Majlis

On Saturday, March 19, 2011 the Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted the second Women’s History Day program “Celebrating Women in our Community; Past and Present”. Women from diverse walks of life and ethnic backgrounds were recruited by the Khidmat-e-Khalq secretary. [Read more]


Tabligh information table & guest book Nutritious Lunch Table display by A SAFE PLACE

Welcome Dinner
Hosted by Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh

In celebration of the new mosque acquired the by Oshkosh Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by the grace of Allah, and to acknowledge the tremendous support received by the majority of the community, Lajna Ima’illah Oshkosh hosted a ladies only social dinner event on April 1st, 2011. We received a very positive response from the community as invitations were sent out to our contacts and beyond.. [Read more]

Alhamdolillah! LMC Concluded Successfully.

The conference served as platform for collective learning, working towards common goals and enhancement of sisterhood.